50L6 1.5W HiFi Amplifier

$2,800.00 Regular Price
$2,200.00Sale Price

50L6/12AU7 All valve-state, point-to-point wired and hand assembled personally by Elliott, made in the USA. A headphone amp strong enough to quite capably, cleanly drive efficient speakers (99dB efficient recommended, such as Lowther of Kilpsch— 95dB minimum). Impedence selector switch allows for driving any top-tier headphones, from Senneheiser to Audeze, as the amp is basically a stripped and customized CypherLabs/CoffmanLabs Prautes. Anyone personally present at any of Elliott's art openings has heard what this thing can do in terms of pure sonic exhalted experience, which is to say, quality and magnitude. This new model, with electroplated gold arabesque on black anodized machined aluminum chassis is limited to only four hand built prototypes, and only the first unit will be on sale (to bootstrap the financing of the rest of the builds). It actually literally glows from within during operation (pictures and video coming soon).

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