ɈɈoillɘ γd, ɒɿɘmɒɔ ƨoɒʜɔ


The very limited edition ɒɿɘmɒɔ ƨoɒʜɔ is a fine thing indeed— someone gifted the artist about 50 unbranded "disposable" 35mm film cameras from the 1990s, many if not most of which being in various states of disrepair and neglect. Many of them apparently already have shots taken… just when, and from where, and by whom, and of WHAT we simply do not know, until you buy one, take the remaining shots, and have the film developed. The artist personally will see to it that at least eight totally random— yet possibly faintly amusing enough— pictures have been taken on each, although note that neither the artist nor the gallery can guarantee there isn't NSFW content on them, so caveat emptor. Moreover, a number of the cameras are misplaced, so it's seems we only have 22 on hand. What a truly amazing gift idea this is!

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